Success Stories

Todd Barton, Mayor of Crawfordsville

"The Montgomery County Leadership Academy challenges participants to view the community and their role within the community differently.  The program greatly increases the participant’s awareness of opportunities to serve within the community while simultaneously exposing them to the leadership skills necessary to make a positive impact while doing so." 

Cassie Hagan, Assoc. Director of Career Services at Wabash College

"I gained a lot of valuable insight into the community here through the non-profits working really hard to make this a better place...The leadership academy aims to equip its graduates with a tool kit that prepares them to serve on a board... Immediately after graduating from the Leadership Academy, I served a 6-month period as an intern on the board... A lot of people are eager to be involved in the community and make a difference, but they may not realize that they already have the skills that a non-profit organization needs... I expanded my network exponentially, which I have found beneficial professionally and personally.

Sarah Storms, Communications & Scholarship Coordinator at Montgomery County Community Foundation

"The MCLA program was a great opportunity to learn more about myself, our community, and other local professionals. In the short time since I completed the program, the networking and lessons have already been helpful as I build my career in Montgomery County. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to develop their leadership skills and community connections."