Our brand new high school leadership program

This program was designed to prepare participants to enter the workforce after graduation by enhancing their soft-skills and providing them with a thorough understanding of the many career opportunities that exist within Montgomery County.

Ideal candidates for this program are students who learn better through experience than in a classroom setting.  Students must be nominated by a teacher or other school administrator to receive an invitation to apply.

Only five students per year from each of the three county high schools will be accepted into the program.

High School Leadership


The ASCENT program for high school students was launched in the fall of 2016 with 12 students from the three Montgomery County high schools.  The goal of the program is to prepare students to be workforce-ready upon graduation through enhanced soft-skills training and a more thorough understanding of the career opportunities within the county.


Ideal candidates for this program are described as students who are more kinesthetic by nature, but also demonstrate untapped leadership potential.  Teachers and staff at the three local school nominate students that they believe would benefit from this experience.

The Process

Student nominations are evaluated and a select group are invited to apply for the program.  Applicants must submit two adult references and go through an interview.  No more than five students per school will be selected.

The Program

This two-year program is hosted by various organizations throughout Montgomery County were students will learn about

  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Government and Law Enforcement
  • Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Health Services and Quality of Place
  • Arts and Tourism
  • Volunteerism and Community Engagement
  • Media and Communication


 Belayer—The person who manages the rope so as to catch the climber on the other end in case of a fall or a slip. 

As each group enters their second year of the program, they will be tasked with belaying (mentoring) for the students entering their first year.    

The group will have an opportunity to learn this concept in action when they attend an indoor rock-climbing facility.

Servant Leadership

The combined group will have the opportunity to complete a community service project to address a challenge that the group selects.